My experience of life has become more and more… hippie-like.

And to be totally honest, I love it. A part of me has always loved hippie type things. One historical event I’ve constantly said I would have loved to be at is Woodstock. Man, I would give anything to be at Woodstock. I’d be the crazy girl with a daisy crown, braided hair, bare feet, bohemian skirt… I might have smoked some ganja back then… if it was the past, anyways. That is not a part of my current hippie lifestyle by any means, considering that I am against substance use. Lol. I substitute incense burning – that’s my smoke. =P haha.

My current hippie lifestyle, well… let me tell you about it. I have a consistent spiritual practice for the first time in my life. I get up in the morning and immediately pray. I recently bought a yoga membership which I adore, and plan on using every day. I meditate every night before I go to bed, burn some incense, read some Rumi (spiritual poetry), and journal on that. I dyed my hair with blue. I have an increasing affinity for hemp bracelets.

I’m not going to lie. I want to be the crazy old hippie lady with the long silver hair who hangs wind chimes with half-moons on her porch. The crazy one who gets up early in the morning and sits in her garden to “gather energy from the earth.” Who drinks her coffee and faces the beach every morning and raises her arms to the sun. The one who has a garden and eats only vegetables from her garden. Her house smells like incense. She smells like patchouli oil. She loves trees and will often be seen hugging them with a bright warm smile on her face. And yes, she is a warm, warm person with a lot of loving energy! She comments on your aura and you kinda laugh at her but you can’t help but love her. She eats a lot of organic food, she might be vegan even. (But she can’t give up her coffee, she just gets it organically from a single source farm, and makes it herself at her house every morning. YUM!) Her therapy office is also a yoga studio is also an art studio. (yes that sentence was intentional) It’s a warm restful place that’s open for anyone.

All of you probably think I’m nuts.

Oh well. I love it. And I love my new hippie stylings (though I wouldn’t claim that I’m a total hippie because that isn’t true). So deal!! šŸ™‚