About Me

Very simply, words along my journey. Don’t know yet if anyone will read it – but I have to write it.

A little esoteric information. I’m 23 years old, have experienced way too much tragedy to be so young, but not nearly enough of the world for my age. I am a strange mixture of naive and cynical, childlike and much too serious. Chiaroscuros are beautiful, thankfully, and that is a word I find best to describe my silly, serious self. (See that alliteration? Yeahhh I’m good! Haha)

I’ve been writing since I was 9 or 10, religiously writing since I was 14. I’m a poet at heart, so some of my posts might be a little hard to grasp. I hope you’ll stick with me anyway.
My long term dream is to provide international disaster and trauma counseling. I’m working on my BA right now. If you have any connections to anything inside that profession (conflict resolution, trauma counseling, etc) I would love to chat with you!

To contact me:
Email: bornsirius(at)gmail(dot)com
Twitter: weweredreaming


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